Vivir Sin Pensar, Vivir En Plenitud

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libro Vivir Sin Pensar, Vivir En Plenitud

In all of us exists a deep longing for fulfillment, a desire for authenticity and to be ourselves freely, spontaneously, and without limitations in short, to live well. We search for answers from the outside, without realizing that the key is inside of each of us. In this book, Antonio Jorge Larruy provides four great tools to extract those answers: positive attitude, acceptance, meditation, and retraining the inner child. We are a potential of energy, love, light, and intelligence, and with practice, we can learn to live fully. Through questions posed by people just like you, this book accompanies you on discussion of all the things that might cause worry: family, children, partners, work, money, illness, relationships with yourself and with others, and personal growth.

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