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Have you always wanted to become conversational in Spanish? Do you want to commit to this goal but simply can’t find the tools to help you achieve it? Do you wish you could find a more entertaining way to learn Spanish, so you’d spend more time studying? Today, you’ve stumbled upon the solution just for you, to help you jump over your hurdles and into conversational fluency! In this language guide, you will discover over 100 fun, highly useful, and scientifically developed short stories and dialogues to help you develop all four basic language skills and set on the path to conversation fluency! How does it work? First, practice reading the dialogues aloud in Spanish. With the audiobook, you can also listen to them to learn native pronunciation! Next, answer questions to test your comprehension. If necessary, you can read the English translations. Finally, practice using the new words and useful phrases you’ve been learning in real-life conversations! This will be easier than you think because the book uses a tried-and-proven method to help you gradually build your passive and active vocabulary. This book includes: Spanish Short Stories For Beginners: 56 Entertaining Short Stories To Refresh Your Spanish Spanish Short Stories For Beginners: The Easy Way To Get Better At Speaking Spanish Inside, you’ll discover: How to use Spanish phrases and expressions like a native speaker. An entertaining way to build your reading comprehension skills. Research-driven questions and instructions that are varied and easy for anyone to understand. A tried-and-proven method for building not only passive but active vocabulary (so you can start using it right away!) How relaxing learning Spanish can be! A guide that is simple enough for beginners and engaging for intermediate learners. English translations to facilitate ease of use and full comprehension for those in the earliest stages of learning–including children! What is holding you back from becoming conversational in Spanish…

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