Manual De Plantas De Costa Rica: Monocotiledóneas (orchidaceae-zingiberaceae)

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libro Manual De Plantas De Costa Rica: Monocotiledóneas (orchidaceae-zingiberaceae)

Manual de Plantas de Costa Rica is a concise, illustrated guide to all of the species of native, naturalized and commercially cultivated vascular plants of this Central American country, which lies between Nicaragua and Panama and is thus centered in isthmian Central America–a biogeographical funnel between South and North America, densely rich in species and geological history. The Manual is the first comprehensive Spanish-language account of the Costa Rican flora. Two large, economically and ornamentally important families, the orchids (Orchidaceae) with 1318 species, and the grasses (Poaceae) with 488 species, account for more than 95% of the species in this volume. Besides brief formal descriptions and informal notes about each of a total of 10 families, 331 genera, and 1861 species of monocots, this identification manual contains keys to all the genera and species included within the volume.

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