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Femto is a place in time where the main character has the opportunity to live again after dying. The main character is aware of everything that is going on around him, even before he is born again. He lives again his whole life, from the time he is reborn, until the time he will die. Femto is the name of the first chapter, but other chapters are equally important, and have names such as: Nano, Giga, Hecto…It is divided in small chapters, almost vignettes. The chapters are named after units of the metric system. Half of the story takes place in a small village in Guanajuato, Mexico, while the other half takes place in the United States. In San Diego, California.The character travels back in time, so his life back in Mexico is the past, and his life in the United States is the future. Therefore, it is an autobiographical book about a kids two lives. It is written in Spanish because it is my native language. The word Femto and the name of the other chapters, are spelled the same way in Spanish and English, so the meaning for those words are the same for English and Spanish.

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